Shillong Teer Result 2024: Check the Latest Numbers & Predictions

Get the latest Shillong Teer Result 2024 with up-to-date numbers and expert predictions.

Dive into the heart of Meghalaya’s tradition with our comprehensive guide on strategies, legalities, and the cultural essence of Shillong Teer.

Gain insights to enhance your predictions, understand the legal framework, and celebrate the cultural significance of this unique lottery game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shillong Teer is an archery-based lottery game unique to Meghalaya.
  • Results are announced daily, except Sundays, and can be checked on the official Meghalaya Teer website.
  • Understanding the game’s mechanics and participating in it requires knowledge of its cultural significance and legal framework.

Shillong Teer Results 2024

Latest Results & Analysis

To stay updated with the latest Shillong Teer results, participants can visit the official Meghalaya Teer website.

The site provides daily updates on the numbers for both rounds, offering a transparent and accessible way for enthusiasts to check their luck.

Recent Shillong Teer Results

DateFirst RoundSecond Round

Predictions for Upcoming Shillong Teer Draws

Predictions in Shillong Teer are often based on historical data, patterns, and sometimes, superstitions.

While there’s no guaranteed way to predict the winning numbers, many enthusiasts analyze previous results and use them to guess future outcomes.

Buying Tickets Of Shillong Teer

Tickets can be purchased from over 5,000 authorized counters across 11 districts in Meghalaya, with sales starting at 10 AM every day from Monday to Saturday.

Ticket Sales and Price Range

DistrictNumber of CountersPrice Range (INR)
East Khasi Hills1,0001-100
West Khasi Hills5001-100

Predictions & Strategies for Shillong Teer

Predicting Shillong Teer results is an art that combines intuition, experience, and sometimes, a bit of luck.

While no method guarantees success, certain strategies can increase your chances of making accurate predictions.

Factors Influencing Predictions for Shillong Teer

Several factors can influence your predictions, including:

  • Historical results: Analyzing patterns in past results can provide insights into possible future outcomes.
  • Weather conditions: The performance of archers can vary with weather conditions, potentially affecting the results.
  • Intuition and local lore: Many participants use dreams and local folklore to choose their numbers.

Tips for Making Accurate Predictions for Shillong Teer

  • Keep a record of daily results to identify any recurring numbers or patterns.
  • Stay informed about the conditions that might affect the game on any given day.
  • Engage with the community of participants for shared tips and insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Shillong Teer Results?

The most reliable way to check Shillong Teer results is through the official Meghalaya Teer website. Results are updated daily, providing participants with the latest information.

Can Outsiders Participate in Shillong Teer?

Yes, anyone can participate in Shillong Teer as long as they purchase tickets from authorized counters within Meghalaya. There are no restrictions based on residency or citizenship.

What Are the Legal Aspects of Shillong Teer?

Shillong Teer is legally sanctioned under the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act. It is one of the few forms of gambling legally allowed in the state, emphasizing its cultural importance.

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