PM Kisan KYC Update – Check 2023 e-KYC Registration @

When Farmers Do Well, The Country Does Well,” Says An Old Saying. Farmers Are An Important Part Of Feeding The World’s People, But Many Of Them Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet Because Of Things They Can’t Control.

Because Of This, The Indian Government Has Taken Many Steps To Help The Country’s Farmers. The Pm Kisan Yojana Is One Of The Most Important Of These Steps.

But What Is The Pm Kisan Yojana, And How Does It Help Farmers Become Financially Stable? In Short, It Is A Programme Run By The Government Of India That Helps Small And Poor Farmers Get Money.

With The Pm Kisan Kyc Update – eKYC Registration At, The Government Has Made It Even Easier For Farmers To Get These Benefits.

If You Are A Small Or Marginal Farmer In India, It Is Very Important That You Know What’s Going On With The Pm Kisan Kyc Update Process.

In This Article, We’ll Show You Everything You Need To Know To Sign Up For The Pm Kisan eKYC.

Check 2023 e-KYC Registration @

Pm Kisan Status Kyc Update

Attention All Farmers Registered Under The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-Kisan) Scheme! It’s Time To Update Your Kyc Through The Common Service Center (Csc) Login To Ensure You Receive Your Installment Money.

The PM-Kisan Scheme Was Introduced By The Central Government In 2018 With The Aim Of Helping Small And Marginal Farmers Who Own 2 Hectares Or Less Of Cultivable Land.

Since Then, It Has Been Providing Monetary Benefits To These Farmers, Allowing Them To Invest In Their Farms And Improve Their Livelihoods.

However, It’s Important To Note That The Scheme Requires All Small And Marginal Farmers To Update Their Ekyc To The Latest Version To Receive The Installment Money. Without Updating The Ekyc, Farmers May Miss Out On The Benefits Of The Scheme.

In Addition To The PM-Kisan Scheme, The Government Has Also Introduced The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maan-Dhan Yojana (PM-Kmy) To Ensure That Farmers Receive The Minimum Assured Pension And Family Pension That Was Promised To Them.

This Initiative Further Supports Farmers, Ensuring Their Financial Security In Their Later Years.

So, All Small And Marginal Farmers, Don’t Miss Out On The Benefits Of These Schemes. Take The Necessary Steps To Update Your Ekyc And Receive The Financial Assistance You Need To Grow Your Farms And Support Your Families.

And Remember, The Government Is Committed To Supporting Farmers In All Their Endeavors.

Pm Kisan Status Kyc Update 2023

As The Backbone Of Our Nation, Farmers Play A Vital Role In Ensuring Food Security And A Stable Economy.

The Indian Government Recognizes This And Has Initiated The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana To Financially Support Farmers In The Age Group Of 18-40.

To Receive The Benefits Of This Scheme, Farmers Must Update Their Kyc (Know Your Customer) Details.

Kyc Is An Essential Step That Verifies The Identity Of An Individual Or Business To Prevent Fraudulent Activities.

In The Case Of The Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, Kyc Verification Is Mandatory To Ensure That Only Eligible Beneficiaries Receive The Benefits Of This Scheme.

If You Are A Farmer Between The Ages Of 18-40, Updating Your Kyc Is A Simple And Straightforward Process.

Details Of eKYC Registration at

The PM KISAN Samman Nidhi Yojana Is A Scheme Launched By The Government Of India To Provide Financial Assistance To Small And Marginal Farmers.

Under This Scheme, Eligible Farmers Receive An Installment Of Rs. 2000 Every Four Months Directly Into Their Bank Accounts.

To Avail The Benefits Of The Scheme, Farmers Are Required To Register Through The Official Portal Of PM KISAN Samman Nidhi Yojana, Which Is

The Ekyc Registration At Pmkisan.Gov.In Will Not Take Much Time And Is An Easy Process. However, Farmers Need To Ensure That They Come Under The Eligibility Criteria And Have A Registered Aadhar Card Number To Register For The Kyc For The PM KISAN Yojana.

If You Fail To Register, Your Installment Will Not Get Transferred For The Next Term.

It Is Important To Note That Farmers Should Not Come Under The Criteria Of Those Who Are Not Included On The Official Website.

If You Face Any Difficulty While Registering Or Have Any Queries Related To The Scheme, You Can Contact The Toll-Free Number Provided By The Authorities.

Step By Step Guide To Register @

1Visit the official portal of PM Kisan
2Click on KYC to register for e-KYC
3Enter your Aadhar card number
4Enter captcha code and search
5Enter the number registered with Aadhar card
6Click on Get OTP and enter the OTP received on phone number
7Submit details by clicking on enter

Note: These steps are for farmers to register on in order to receive a monthly pension of Rs 3000 Under PM KISAN SAMMAN NIDHI YOJNA

Required Information For eKyc Registration In 2023

In Order To Get Registered For The PM KISAN YOJANA Scheme, There Are A Few Important Documents You Need To Have With You. But Don’t Worry, We’ve Compiled All The Information You Need To Get Started.

First And Foremost, It’s Important To Fulfill The Eligibility Criteria For The PM KISAN YOJANA Scheme. This May Include Factors Such As Your Land Holdings, Crop Yields, And Other Agricultural-Related Information.

Once You’ve Determined That You Meet The Eligibility Criteria, You Can Move On To The Next Step Of The Registration Process.

To Make The Registration Process As Smooth As Possible, It’s Important To Keep The Necessary Documents With You At The Time Of Ekyc. This Includes Things Like Your Aadhaar Card, Land Records, And Bank Account Details.

By Having These Documents Readily Available, You Can Complete The Registration Process Quickly And Without Any Hassle.

When It Comes Time To Actually Register For The PM KISAN YOJANA Scheme, You’ll Need To Provide Certain Information To The Authorities. This May Include Your Name, Address, And Contact Information, As Well As Details About Your Land Holdings And Crop Yields.

By Being Prepared And Having This Information Readily Available, You Can Ensure A Smooth And Successful Registration Process.

Overall, Registering For The Government PM KISAN YOJANA Scheme Can Be A Great Way For Farmers To Access Much-Needed Resources And Support.

By Following The Steps Outlined Here And Having The Necessary Documents And Information On Hand, You Can Get Registered Quickly And Start Taking Advantage Of All The Benefits That This PM KISAN YOJANA Scheme Have To Offer.

Serial No.Required Documents
1Farmer’s / Spouse’s name
2Farmer’s / Spouse’s date of birth
3Bank account number
5Mobile Number
6Aadhaar Number
7Other customer information (available in the passbook which is required for mandate registration)


Financial aidProvided to farmers, especially Small and Marginal Farmers
Nationwide coverageStarted by the central government
PM Kisan mobile appHelps farmers stay updated about their status and other notifications related to the program
Information accessFarmers can check information about the installments transferred to their account
Encouragement to registerThe government has encouraged farmers to register and avail the benefits of the scheme
e-KYCRequired to avoid cases of fraud or money laundering
Emphasis on poor farmersThe scheme emphasizes the benefit of poor farmers

Process To Update Kyc Through CSC

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-Kisan) Is A Scheme Which Initiative Aims To Provide Financial Support To Small And Marginal Farmers In India By Providing Direct Income Support Of Rs. 6000 Annually.

If You Want To Benefit From This Scheme, You Can Register Your Details At The Common Service Centre (CSC) through the e-Governance Services India Limited –Special Purpose Vehicle (CSC-SPV) or the State Nodal Officers (SNOs). Here Are Following Steps To Process To Update Kyc Through CSC:

Step 1Carry necessary documents for account verification, including Aadhar card and registered mobile number.
Step 2Go to a Common Service Centre (CSC) for In-Person Verification to update KYC.
Step 3Ask for Aadhar update for either PM KISAN Scheme or PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana at the centre.
Step 4Complete biometric login process.
Step 5Account will open at the centre, update Aadhar card number, and submit the form after checking.
Step 6Receive a confirmation message on registered mobile number after completing KYC update.

Steps To Update eKyc For PM KISAN Yojana

1. Go to the official website of PM KISANVisit
2. Scroll down to Farmer’s corners on the home pageLook for the Farmer’s corners section on the homepage
3. Click on the KYC iconClick on the KYC icon Appearing On Screen
4. Type your Aadhar registered number to fill in the Aadhar OTP e-KYC and click on searchEnter your Aadhar registered number on the new page and click on search.
5. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number linked with AadharThe Portal will send an OTP to your mobile number, enter it in the space provided on the website to complete the process.

What is PM Kisan KYC?

PM Kisan KYC is a process by which farmers can update their personal and bank account details in the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana database to receive financial assistance from the government.

Who is eligible for PM Kisan KYC?

Any farmer who is a beneficiary of the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana and has not yet completed their KYC process is eligible to complete the PM Kisan KYC process.

How can farmers complete their PM Kisan KYC?

Farmers can complete their PM Kisan KYC by visiting the official website of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana or by visiting their nearest Common Service Center (CSC).

What documents are required for PM Kisan KYC?

Farmers are required to provide their Aadhaar card, bank account details, and land ownership papers to complete their PM Kisan KYC.

Is there any fee for completing PM Kisan KYC?

No, there is no fee for completing PM Kisan KYC. The process is completely free of charge.

What are the benefits of completing PM Kisan KYC?

By completing PM Kisan KYC, farmers can receive financial assistance from the government under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. Additionally, it ensures that the correct details are on record, reducing the likelihood of any errors in receiving benefits.

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