Shocking Actions of Prince Louis Alarm Kate Middleton and Prince William!

Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Super Parents! They’re Giving Their Son, Prince Louis, Loads Of Care And Attention.

They Really Want Him To Feel As Loved As His Brothers And Sisters. The Royal Family Is Trying To Not Make The Same Mistakes They Made Before, And They Want To Stick Together​​.

Even Prince Harry Is Talking About How Tough It Is To Be A “Spare” In The Royal Family. That Means You’re Not The Next King Or Queen, But You’re Still Part Of The Family.

Harry Says It Can Be Really Hard. People Are Worried That Prince Louis Might Feel The Same Way. But Guess What? 

William And Kate Don’t Want Prince Louis To Ever Feel Left Out. They’re All About Making Sure He’s Happy And Feels Good Inside.

They’re Really Focused On Making Sure All Their Kids Are Okay. Prince Louis Is Getting Some Extra Special Attention, So He Knows He’s Just As Important As Anyone Else​.

Basically, William And Kate Are All About Love, Sticking Together, And Making Sure Their Kids Are Super Happy.

They’re Rocking It As Parents And Showing Everyone What Being A Royal Family Is All About.

3 thoughts on “Shocking Actions of Prince Louis Alarm Kate Middleton and Prince William!”

  1. Had my 4yrs old child given me that filthy hand gesture, I would have grabbed him up out of his seat, calmly walked out with him to the nearest woman restroom or elsewhere private, and taken his little hands into my adult hands and explained to him the established value of Good…Good Hands included. In effect, I would have lectured him on the GOOD HANDS value. Some simple, basic truths that everyone within a decent SOCIETY has about the poignancy of hands, and their true value. This Mommy Lecturing, as I had with my Son, always served to calm down my child, calm down me, calm down the entire situation. There is no need to placate this type of behavior, it has to be arrested immediately. The consequences are too great and they’re embarrassing to a good family unit.

    • Where did he see that? Who showed him? He didn’t make it up. First ask that and eliminate the source. Or at least identify and discuss it with the source. I never in my life did that, even when classmates were practicing ( already 6th or 7th graders. )

  2. Everybody say that is right his behavior, but it isn’t He is a child but he doesn’t have any respect for nothing. He is a spoiled brat.Hyper active child, never listens when his mother tells how to behave, he doesn’t care for anybody. They have to take his attitude very serious.


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