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Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University was established by the Government of Rajasthan vide Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University Act, 2002 (which received the assent of His Excellency, the Governor of Rajasthan on 25th September 2002) to develop & incorporate an affiliating Unversity for the purpose of ensuring, efficient and systematic instruction, teaching, training, research and development in Ayurved, Unani, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Siddha and Yoga systems of Medicine.
Ours is the second Ayurved University in India after Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. Prof. Ram Harsh Singh an eminent scholar (then Dean, Faculty of Ayurved at BHU) was appointed as the first Vice-chancellor of the Univesity.
The University was provided the land at Karwar village at Nagaur Road (National Highway 65) on 30th of November 2002 by the Govt. of Rajasthan.
The foundation stone of the University was laid down by the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan , Shri Ashok Gehlot on 10 of March 2003( Phalguna Shukla Saptami, Vikrami Samvat 2059) in the gracious presence of the then Hon'ble State Minister of Ayurved Sri Radhey Shyam Ganganagar, the then CCIM President Vaidya Sri Ram Sharma, Vice-chancellor Prof. Ram Harsh Singh, local MLAs Sri Bhanwar Lal Balai and Jugal Kabra, Secretary Ayurved Sri Ashok Shekhar and other dignitaries.
Initially the University started its functioning in modest area provided at 82, Income Tax Colony, Paota C Road, Jodhpur but the space available was not enough for proper functioning of the University. After the sanction of two constituent institutes University College of Ayurved and University Ayurved Nursing Training Centre a new campus at Jhalamand was provided by Dept. of Health and Family Welfare. In 2007, University shifted to its own campus at Karwar, Nagaur Road, Jodhpur.
Geographical Information:
Rajasthan , the largest state of India is famous all over the world for its rich culture & heritage. Rajasthan attracts lakhs of national and international tourists form various parts of the world. The state of Rajasthan is well known for the traditional inheritance of Ayurved since long. A number of Ayurved Luminaries like Swami Laxmi Ram ji, Jairam Dast ji etc. paved the way for grooming the traditional Ayurved Sect of Rajasthan. The state has a separate ministry and secretariat for Ayurved which shows inclination to the development of Ayurved in Rajasthan. The state stands on the front line with the largest number of Government Ayurved Hospitals and Dipensaries(more than 4000).
Jodhpur, the biggest city of Rajasthan after Jaipur is emerging rapidly as an educational hub. Jai Narain Vyas University, National Law University and Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur National University, Indian Institute of Technology, Rajasthan, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Desert Medicine Research Centre (DMRC), National Institute of Fashion & Technology, National Institute of Footwear Design, Arid Forest Research Institute (AFRI), Defence Laboratory of DRDO, State Remote Sensing Centre, Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) etc. all these are situated here. High Court of Rajasthan is also situated in Jodhpur. A number of Educational Colleges of national repute are situated in Jodhpur.
Jodhpur is famous for its history & culture. A number of national and international tourists visit its historical places like Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thara, Balasmand Lake, Ummed Palace, Mandore Garden, Girdikot, Panchkunda Cinetophs etc. Jodhpur is also well known for of Red Jodhpur Stone known as Chittar Stone.
University College of Ayurved
College of Ayurved
University College of Ayurved was established in 2004 in Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University Campus. The college was established as a role model for the affiliated colleges as an examplary institute for teaching, research and overall development of Ayurved Education. 
College has fourteen departments, a full fledged hospital, departmental laboratories furnished with the latest equipments and a library. 35 posts for the faculty of Ayurved in the college were sanctioned. Efficient and hardworking Ayurved Faculty from all over India appointed on these posts is fully devoted for the upliftment of the Ayurved Science as well as the college and University.
Hospital & Patient Care Services
At present University College of Ayurved has its own Hospital with OPD and IPD facilities & a well equipped laboratory and within DSRRAU main campus at Kadwad, Jodhpur. Dr. Om Prakash Dave, Professor, Deptt. of Shalya Tantra is the Deputy Medical Superintendant and Dr. Arun Tyagi, Associate Professor, Kayachikitsa and HOD, Panchakarma is the Incharge, Hospital at present. The specialized OPD services in Kayachikitsa,Panchkarma, Shalya-Shalakya, Stri-Prasuti, Bala Roga and Swastha Rakshan are available in this hospital by the faculty.Presently Indoor Patient Services are available with 100 beds in the hospital.The university hospital has already developed Shalya-karmagar (O.T.) and Panchkarma-karmagar where a large number of patients are getting treatment every day.The proposed under construction 263-bedded hospital attached to the University College of Ayurved at the main campus at Kadwad is in three floors with a built up area of 17,857 sq. mt. Recently the OPD & IPD services of five specilities have been started here with a well equipped laboratory. The floorwise detail of built up area is as following: 
Ground floor 8540 sq. mt.
First floor 7337 sq. mt.
Second floor 1980 sq. mt.
Following Hospital facilities are available at present:
  • OPD - with Five Specilities
  • IPD
  • Panchkarma Centre
  • Shalya karma Theatre (O.T.)
  • Prasuti Karmagar (L.R.)
  • Stri Charya Unit
  • Bal Charya Unit
  • Dispensing Unit
  • Dental Unit
  • Geriatric Unit
Panchkarma Section
All types of Traditional Panchkarma as well as Keraliya therapy procedures are being done in chronic patients on routine basis in this section of the Hospital.This section is well equipped with necessary instruments and appliances. This section is providing training to Govt. Ayurvedic Medical Officers and registered Ayurveda Practitioners under a three months Panchkarma Training program in the guidance of a trained faculty & consultant physicians.
Prasuti Karmagar (Labour Room)(Under Deptt. of Stri Roga & Prasuti Tantra)
All types of Traditional Panchkarma as well as Keraliya therapy procedures are being done in chronic patients on routine basis in this section of the Hospital.This section is well equipped with necessary instruments and appliances. This section is providing training to Govt. Ayurvedic Medical Officers and registered Ayurveda Practitioners under a three months Panchkarma Training program in the guidance of a trained faculty & consultant physicians.
Shalya Karmagar (Operation Theatre)(Under The Deptt. of Shalya Tantra)
The Shalya Karmagar is initially serving as an Ano-rectal surgical theatre where a large number of patients get treated successfully with the application of Ksharkarma and other para-surgical measures like Agnikarma, Jaloukavcharna, Siravedha etc. All necessary equipments and trained Faculty & manpower is available with this theatre.
Herbarium & Drug Museum(Under Deptt. of Dravya Guan Vigyan)
A Herbarium and Drug Museum has been developed in the Dravya Guna Deptt. for the demonstration & training of students of BAMS, Nursing and Herbal Farming Courses. Many Specimens of dried herbs and display boards of various medicinal plants have been prepared & displayed in this Museum.
Herbal Garden(Under Deptt. of Dravya Guna Vigyan)
100 acres of land is earmarked for Herbal Garden and Herbal Farms at Kadwad.About 2,500 medicinal plants have been planted including 500 Guggulu plants for a Guggulu farm and around plants of Ghrit Kumari (Aloevera) for a Ghrit Kumari farm. A well equipped Green House and a Poly house are established in the Herbal Garden. There is enough scope of Herbal Garden and Herbal Farming in the university campus. Scientific harvesting, storage and preparation of intermediaries for marketing as raw material is undergoing. This produced raw material is being used in the University Pharmacy for manufacturing medicines also.
Anatomy Museum(Under Deptt. of Rachana Shareer)
An Anatomy Museum has been developed in the Deptt. of Rachana Shareer. Plenty of Charts, Models, Specimens of bones, preserved, human organs and skeleton are displayed with a view to acclerate the interest of learning Anatomy among students. Emphasizing upon the teaching Anatomy with applied and clinical point of view, Computer CDs and X-ray plates are available in the museum so as to make the practical training more effective for the students.
Cadaver Dissection Hall(Under Deptt. of Rachana Shareer)
A Dissection Hall has been developed in the Deptt. of Rachana Shareer with facilities of Deep Freezer Mortuary, Formaline Tank and other necessary facilities to preserve human dead bodies in order to impart practical training of Anatomy through dissection of cadavers.
Laboratories(Under the Deptt. of Kriya Shareer & Roga & Vikriti Vigyan)
Two separate well equipped laboratories have been developed for practical training of Kriya Shareer (Physiology) and Roga & Vikriti Vigyan Deptt. (Pathology) to the students and for investigation of patients. All necessary modern equipments have been provided to both these laboratories. All routine and microscopic laboratory examinations are being done by the students as part of their practicals under the supervision of faculty and trained technicians. Equipments like ECG, Semi Auto-analyzer etc. are provided in Pathology laboratory. X-ray facility is also available in the Pathology Deptt. Pathology laboratory is providing services of various investigations to the hospital patients regularly on nominal payment basis.
Hostel facilities have been provided for girls & boys on merit basis. Girls hostel is running in city campus with mess & sports facilities while boys hostel is ruunning at Kadwad campus with same facilities.
Pharmacy(Under the Deptt.of Rasashastra & Bhaishjya Kalpana)
The University has developed a Pharmacy in its Campus. This Pharmacy is manufacturing medicines to fulfull the requirements of University Ayurved Hospital. Different qualitative Medicines Bhasmas, Pishties, Churnas, Kwathas, Asavas, Tailas Ghritas are prepared regularly. Which is not only beneficial for the practical knowledge to the students but is beneficial to procure the prepared medicines to the patients in OPD and IPD as well. 
Facilities for Indoor and Outdoor Games
We do have enough space and funds for providing facilities for Indoor as well as Outdoor games at the main campus. DSRRAU has successfully organised the State Level Inter College Sports, Cultural and Literary tournament programmes like "Ayurplexus -2005", Ayurvishwa-2007 & Ayurvishwa-2009 at its campus for all the affiliated colleges in session 2005-06 , 2006-07, 2008-09 & 2012-13. 
Central Library
The University is developing its Central Library in Kadwad campus. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Rachana Shareer is the Incharge, Central Library at present.Central Library has more than 11500 books so far. The number of books is growing every year with a purchase of quality books from the distinguished writers of Ayurveda from all over the world. A number of quality books in the field of Homoeopathy, Unani, Siddha , Yoga & Naturopathy, Sanskrit & Modern Medicine are also available in the Central Library. Apart from that many other story books, dictionaries, Govt. Publications etc. are also available in the Central Library. More than 50 periodicals and journals in the field of Ayurved, Modern Medicine, Unani, news and entertainment are regularly available in the library.
University Ayurved Nursing Training Centre
This centre was also established in 2004 as a role model for the affiliated Nursing Colleges. This was aimed to provide the quality Ayurved Nursing Education and providing quality para medical professional in the field of Ayurved.
University Unani Medical College, Tonk
The foundation stone for the building of University Unani Medical College, Tonk has been laid down in year 2013. The process for permission to start admissions for BUMS course in the said college is under progress.
University Kaniram Salagram Tak Ayurved Nursing Training Centre, Magara Punjala, Jodhpur
This is another Ayurved Nursing Training centre of University which is running at Magara Punjala, Jodhpur.
University Satellite Ayurved Hospital, Magara Punjala, Jodhpur
University has started its Satellite Ayurved Hospital at Magara Punjala, Jodhpur for the welfare of public. Physician specialists are providing their expertise to general public through Outdoor and Indoor facilities in this hospital.
University Unani Medical Hospital, Tonk
University has started its Unani Medical Hospital at Tonk also for the welfare of public. Unani Physician specialists are providing their expertise to general public through Outdoor facilities in this hospital.
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